Our Lettings Agency was with a software provider for over 10 years but when some forced changes were imminent they said we could either pay them £5000 for an update or go to someone else !! Thank goodness they said that because going to Rentman was the best business decision we have ever made. We are saving hours and hours each week because of their processes and their support team always go the extra mile. You have a great product. Thank you very much for making our life so much easier.

Pauline Pauley

Amethyst Lettings

We are very happy with Rentman, I wouldn’t use it otherwise and I recommend it to people all the time. What even more impressive is the fact you are willing to listen to any suggestions. In fact I don’t know another letting agent who has the same relationship with their management software people.

John Paul

The Castledene Group

Not everyone does a follow up, so its nice to see someone still is. The software is brilliant. Alot of calls to your support staff at the start, they were excellent.

Damian Horgan

Advance Property Care

All is great with Rentman a very worthwhile buy. All issues with your support team have been dealt with excellently.

Gary Steadman

Westwood Property Services

Having previously thrown out a software package I was highly sceptical what Rentman could do for my company. 5 years later, I can highly recommend Rentman having found it an excellent package, easy to use and flexible, backed up by a friendly and committed support team.

Darren Yanover

Cedar Estates

We are exceptionally happy with the system. Our transition to using Rentman been successful. Training has been good focusing on learning the basics to get by and look forward to progressing further. The support team have been fantastic particularly Scott.

Diana Lewis

Ashton and Grosvenor

I'd like to take this opportunity to mention Chris who works on your support line. He has spoken to myself and Anthony many times over the last few weeks and has been so helpful and patient with us. He has put so much effort into helping us and always goes the extra mile to make our lives easier and we're so grateful; the customer service he provides is second to none. I just wanted to pass that on to you so that you were aware of what excellent work he does!


Parks Properties